FLOS Arrangements

Arrangements is a modular system of geometric light elements that can be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions into individual chandeliers.

Artemide NUR Suspension

A sleek, contemporary dome shape that provides direct downlighting, the sanded glass top allows a softer diffused light to escape. Nur creates indirect light with a subtle “halo” effect on the ceiling.

Intense V Rail

V-Rail’s sleek design and 3-part optical system allows for precision symmetrical & asymmetrical lighting distribution. It delivers more than double the average foot candles compared to the competition.

Lumium Yttrium (Y) Series

Minimalism redefined. Yttrium is a hollow airy fixture with numerous options with a minimalist aesthetic potentially distributing considerable light into a space.

Nulite Sero

Stylish and timeless. Delivers soft functional direct-indirect lighting distribution while eliminating glare. The see-through design blends perfectly into the surrounding architecture.

Encelium Polaris 3D® Light Management Software

Enables facility managers to monitor, maintain, and control the ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System. Data-driven dashboards quickly visualize energy data and lighting levels providing actionable information to reduce operating costs and improve occupant comfort.